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Wayfair EDI Order Compliance Experts

Wayfair EDI Order Compliance Experts

Wayfair EDIWayfair EDI is required from vendors for accurate order processing. Roundhouse has been helping Wayfair vendors process electronic data interchange for over 15 years.

What sets us apart is our knowledge of Wayfair EDI documentation. When you outsource your EDI processing to Roundhouse, our team of dedicated experts will receive and send all your EDI documents for you. There’s no software or  hardware to buy or learn how to use. Our systems are connected to Wayfair, so we can receive and translate your electronic documents with ease, create your GS1 labels and send the advanced shipping notices to Wayfair. We’ll make fulfilling your Wayfair EDI orders easy.

Wayfair EDI order processing made easy

Roundhouse has been in the retail order processing business since the inception of Wayfair EDI requirements. Our team knows every detail of the EDI Wayfair Com requirements, and can connect with AS2 (Applicability Statement 2), VAN (Value Added Network), FTP (Direct Connection). We will handle all the testing and setup, which includes the sending and receiving of 998, 855, 856 and 810 documents.

General EDI requirements for Wayfair

  • 810 Invoice
  • 846 Inventory
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 855 PO Acknowledgement
  • 856 Shipment
  • 860 PO change
  • 997 Functional acknowledgements
  • 998 Set Cancellation Transaction Specifications
  • X12 753 Request for Routing Instructions
  • X12 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice
  • X12 852 Product Activity Report
  • X12 860 Purchase Order Change Request
  • X12 865 Purchase Order Change Request Acknowledgement

No software to buy or learn how to use

When you outsource your EDI to Roundhouse you get a team of specialists who will process each order for you. We will receive your 850 purchase order and translate it from an EDI file to an easy to read format and email it to you in a PDF file. We will create your shipping labels and send Wayfair an 856 advanced shipping notice. Finally we will create your 810 invoice and transmit it as an EDI file to Wayfair so they can pay you. In between, we will send and receive any other required EDI documents, such as 860 purchase order change, 997 functional acknowledgements, and 998 set cancellation transaction specifications, and more. With Roundhouse you don’t need to learn complicated technology or software, or even EDI terms, because we will act as your EDI department, doing everything for you. We also do Wayfair EDI integration.

Here’s a few more reasons to consider Roundhouse

  • No monthly fees or minimums
  • Fast and reliable compliance testing
  • We will take care of the data entry
  • We will create each GS1 label
  • We have unmatched knowledge and experience
  • We have no long term contracts
  • Award winning customer service support from our New York office
  • Easily add more retailers (we work with over 300 different retailers)
  • There is no job too big or too small for us

We’ll become your EDI department

We’ll do all the hard work, including data entry, label creation, and sending necessary documents to Wayfair when they need them. No more worrying about EDI or the chargebacks associated with EDI. Keeping EDI compliance with Wayfair and other trading partners, is the best way to ensure a solid relationship with them. Likewise, it will be our goal to provide you with the best EDI service in the industry.

How long does it take to get setup with Wayfair EDI?

We can usually complete compliance and testing in a few days.

We have the best customer service for Wayfair EDI vendors

We provide the best customer support for Wayfair vendors. Our customer service department is available every day from 9am-9pm over the phone, and answer emails around the clock.

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