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Nordstrom Rack EDI is used to process purchase orders between the Nordstrom Rack/The EXCHANGE and its suppliers. There’s absolutely no software to buy or learn how to use. With Roundhouse, all your need is a valid email address to receive your purchase orders.

Here’s how it works:

We have an EDI system in place that is connected to every major retailer (such as Nordstrom Rack). When we receive your purchase order, we will translate it from an EDI file into a well-formatted, easy-to-read purchase order sheet which we will email to you in a PDF file. All you have to do is tell us how you pack (how many pieces per carton, per pallet, etc) – along with the PO we will provide you with an easy to fill form so you can give us your packing instructions.

We will then create the GS1 barcode labels for you. Then a day before shipping (or when it is required) we will send Nordstrom Rack the advanced shipping notices detailing what is inside each carton or pallet. We will handle every document that is received or is required to be sent, such as PO changes, text messages, credit/debit adjustments, etc. Finally we will create a copy of the invoice. After you approve the figures, we will transmit it to Nordstrom Rack so they can pay you. The whole process is extremely simple.

Buying and maintaining software is a thing of the past. No one ever imaged EDI could be this easy and simple.

General Nordstrom Rack EDI requirements

810 (Invoice)
850 (PO)
860 (Amendment)
856 (advanced shipping notice [ASN]) with GS1-128 label documents
824 (Application Advice)
997 (acknowledgement)

Stop getting Nordstrom Rack EDI-related chargebacks

Are you experiencing chargebacks? Most chargebacks are EDI-related, such as for not sending ASNs on time, for creating labels with wrong information, for not sending routing instructions on the day/time allowed, etc. We are specialists at helping businesses reduce their chargebacks. We’ll do all the EDI work for you, which will greatly help reduce your chargebacks.

Easily setup EDI for Nordstrom Rack

Roundhouse is a full service EDI service bureau. We handle EDI for every industry. Here’s a few reasons to consider outsourcing your Nordstrom Rack EDI to Roundhouse.
  • No monthly fees or minimums
  • Fast and reliable compliance testing
  • We will take care of the data entry
  • We will create each GS1 label
  • We have unmatched knowledge and experience
  • We have no long term contracts
  • Award winning customer service support
  • Live support team based in New York
  • Easily add more trading partner EDI connections

Whether you are new to EDI and need a brand new setup, or have an existing setup that needs migration, we can have you setup and in production in a matter of days.

How quickly can we setup your EDI for Nordstrom Rack?

We can usually complete compliance and testing in a few days.

We provide the best customer support for Nordstrom Rack EDI.

We provide the best customer support for Nordstrom Rack vendors. Our customer service department is available every day from 9am-9pm over the phone, and answer emails around the clock. Call our sales department to find out more: (646) 415-9212.

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