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Nordstrom EDI made easy.

Roundhouse Inc. is a certified Nordstrom EDI Provider.

Nordstrom EDIOur Nordstrom EDI experts can process your orders faster and better. Our world class system was built with Nordstrom vendors in mind. We can translate your POs, create your ASNs, GS1-Labels, and Invoices. We’ll do all the work so you can focus on what you do best. Our team has over 20 years experience processing Nordstrom EDI orders.

Considered the #1 Nordstrom EDI experts for over 15 years, Roundhouse’s team of experts know the NPG Compliance Manual inside out. This manual contains the EDI, ticketing and packaging requirements. Some of the requirements this manual covers are: tickets, Hangers, Packaging, Packing Methods, Carton Requirements and Markings, EDI Requirements, PO Types. We are experts at processing every type of Nordstrom EDI order. We have helped hundreds of Nordstrom suppliers process their orders, from OMMs to GS-1 128 Labels, to mapping changes, we can set you up quickly and easily, regardless of how complex your business is.

EDI for Nordstrom

Our team uses the most powerful solution to process every order for you. There is no software or hardware to buy or learn how to use. When you hire Roundhouse you can rest assured that the smartest and most experienced EDI company is hard at work for you. We will use our software and databases to received your purchase orders. We will then translate every PO, create each label, and transmit every document for you to Nordstrom. All you need is to approve each document before we transmit it.
General Nordstrom EDI requirements

Fewer EDI errors for Nordstrom vendors

Not every retailer is the same when it comes to EDI compliance. Nordstrom’s requirements are stringent and if you make any mistakes there’s a chance for chargesbacks, or even losing the account for too many mistakes. Roundhouse’s customers experience less chargebacks than the industry
standard. We are in constant contact with Nordstrom’s EDI department so we know about upcoming changes before anyone else.

Reasons to outsource your Nordstrom EDI to Roundhouse

It’s simple: we can do you EDI faster, cheaper and better. Here’s 5 reason you should consider outsourcing your EDI processing to us.
  • Reduce your chargebacks
  • Become 100% compliant
  • We are experts at processing Nordstrom purchase orders
  • We do the data entry and our state of the art systems validate every document we send to Nordstrom
  • Save time and money.
  • Eliminate or simplify your tasks
Stop using expensive SAS solutions that don’t work. Our world-class system is unlike any other solution out there. The best part is that we will use our system to process each order for you. This means you won’t have to buy or lease an expensive system, you won’t have to worry about upgrades or updating your systems to comply with Nordstrom’s ever-changing specs. Contact us to learn how we can use our complete EDI solution for Nordstrom to take over your EDI operation so you can focus on creating and selling your products.

The Fastest EDI Setup for Nordstrom

How soon can we setup your Nordstrom EDI account? Our team can usually get you completely setup with Nordstrom EDI within a week (including all compliance testing).

The best customer support for Nordstrom vendors.

We provide the best customer support for Nordstrom vendors. Our customer service department is available every day from 9am-9pm over the phone, and answer emails around the clock.

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