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Lord and Taylor EDI Compliance Experts

Lord and Taylor EDILord and Taylor EDI Compliance Experts

Lord and Taylor EDI is used to process purchase orders between Lord & Taylor and their suppliers. We have been processing EDI for Lord & Taylor’ vendors for over 20 years. We are the the preferred choice of Lord & Taylor suppliers.

Roundhouse’s team are the foremost experts at processing Lord & Taylor EDI. Our services help companies save money, time and energy. Let us deal with the day-to-day EDI work so you can focus on creating new products, selling those products and building your brand. Most importantly, our services can help you reduce your chargebacks.

Become EDI ready without installing software or using online software – we’ll use our state of the art system to process your orders for you.

EDI for Lord & Taylor

Our team can setup your EDI account quickly and efficiently. We are experts at Lord & Taylor EDI and know their EDI requirements like the back of our hand. We will use our state of the art solution to receive and translate your 850s, 860s, and send your 856s, 810s, and all your other EDI documents. We can also create and print your GS1 labels to make sure everything is accurate.

General EDI requirements for Lord and Taylor

210 – Motor Carrier Freight Invoice
810 – Consolidated Invoice SDQ Segment
810 – Single Store Invoice N1BY Segment
812 – Credit/Debit Adjustment
820 – Remittance Advice
824 – Application Advice
850 – Purchase Order
852 – Sales Data
852 – Inventory Data
855 – POA/ Reverse PO
856 – Advanced Ship Notice
997 – Functional Acknowledgement

Reducing Lord & Taylor EDI chargebacks

Chargebacks happen when mistakes occur. Roundhouse has the world’s top Lord & Taylor’s EDI experts processing every order with our state of the art system. Outsource your entire EDI operation to Roundhouse, eliminate your chargebacks. We validate every incoming/outgoing electronic file to keep errors from happening.

Easily setup EDI for Lord and Taylor

Roundhouse is a full service EDI service bureau. We will handle every aspect each EDI order for you.
  • No monthly fees or minimums
  • Fast and reliable compliance testing
  • We will take care of the data entry
  • We will create each GS1 label
  • We have no long term contracts

Whether you are new to EDI and need a brand new setup, or have an existing setup that needs migration, we can have you setup and in production in a matter of days.

We’ll become your EDI department

We’ll do all the hard work. Our team will receive and translate your PO’s with our state of the art software. We will then email you your PO’s in PDF files. We will create your labels and ASNs and send our your invoices. No more worrying about EDI or the chargebacks associated with EDI. By keeping EDI compliance with Lord & Taylor and other trading partners, you are showing these customers you mean business.

How quickly can we setup your EDI for Lord & Taylor?

We can usually complete compliance and testing in a few days.

We provide the best customer support for Lord & Taylor suppliers.

We provide the best customer support for Lord & Taylor vendors. Our customer service department is available every day from 9am-9pm over the phone, and answer emails around the clock.

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