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JC Penney EDI made easy.

Roundhouse Inc. is a certified JC Penney EDI Provider.

JC Penney EDI

JC Penney EDI requirements are among the most stringent in the retail industry. Our experts have been processing JC Penney orders since EDI was first required by retailers. We know the ins and outs of JC Penney EDI – hire us to process each order for you – we know the business.

Roundhouse has over 20 years experience with JCPenney’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) program. JCPenney EDI compliance is mandated across all major company departments: Products, Financials, Logistics, Stores, Catalogs and Online. Roundhouse makes EDI for JC Penney simple. Outsource your EDI to Roundhouse; we will receive and translate your Purchase Orders (850 POs), create and send your Advanced Shipping Notices (856 ASNs) and invoices (810 Invoices), and every EDI file in between, such as the 753 and 754 routing instructions which are mandatory for Stores and

EDI for JC Penney

We handle all the testing for compliance to make sure you are setup 100% correctly. We use the most powerful solution in the world to process your orders for you. There is no software or hardware to buy or learn how to use. When you outsource your EDI to Roundhouse, you are hiring a team of experts will process your orders for you. From translating your documents, to creating your GS1 128 labels, to taking care of your data entry, Roundhouse’s service is unmatched.
General JC Penney EDI requirements

The 753 and 754 are mandatory for Stores and

Eliminate EDI related chargebacks

JC Penney’s EDI requirements are very detailed, and even the most sophisticated in-house departments can’t seem to avoid chargebacks. Roundhouse is an expert at eliminating EDI related chargebacks. Our world-class system was built with JC Penney in mind, it validates every piece of data to make sure there are no mistakes and your documents are sent correctly and on-time.

Outsource your JC Penney EDI to Roundhouse

Roundhouse can do your EDI faster, better and cheaper than anyone else. Here’s 5 reason you should consider outsourcing your EDI processing to us.
  • Reduce your chargebacks
  • Fast setup and compliance testing
  • Improved accuracy
  • We do the EDI so you can focus on what you do best
  • Save time and money
Instead of buying and maintaining software and hardware, and keeping a staff on salary, with Roundhouse you pay as you go. We will charge you only for the work we do. If you only ship 6 months out of the year, those are the only times you pay us. Our prices are the best around, and most importantly, we do all the work, so you can focus on creating and selling new product lines.

How quickly can we setup your EDI for JC Penney?

Our team can usually get you completely setup with JC Penney EDI within a week or two (including all compliance testing). Call our sales department to find out more: 646-415-9212.

We provide the best customer support for JC Penney vendors.

We provide the best customer support to JC Penney vendors who require electronic data interchange services. Our customer service department is available every day from 9am-9pm over the phone, and answer emails around the clock.

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