We have a close relationship with the EDI departments of over 300 major retailers, so our team of EDI experts know the specifications of every trading partner, enabling us to help eliminate EDI chargebacks

Eliminate EDI Chargebacks

For the past 20 years we have focused on mastering each trading partner’s stringent EDI requirements. We have a proven track record of helping suppliers eliminate EDI chargebacks. The many possible reasons for chargebacks include: when suppliers do not comply with their trading partners’ EDI specifications, when Advance Ship Notices (ASN/856) are not sent on time, or if their GS1-128 labels are in the wrong order. Dealing with multiple trading partners means dealing with multiple EDI guidelines, each with their own ever-changing specifications, adding to the difficulty of avoiding chargebacks.

Roundhouse is the industry leader because we can make sure you are 100% EDI compliant. Our team is in constant contact with each trading partner, so we know about upcoming EDI changes before anyone else does—In fact, we are hired as consultants by many trading partners on deciding what changes to make to their EDI systems. We stay on top of all current and upcoming changes to help avoid chargebacks.

What are chargebacks?

Chargebacks (also known as “expense-offsets”) are monetary penalties imposed by retailers for non EDI compliance. The reason retailers impose chargebacks is because supplier noncompliance creates disruption and losses for the retailer. Hence, retailers create “expense offset policies” to help them recuperate the losses they experience when suppliers are noncompliant. Retailers usually deduct chargebacks from the check payment to the supplier. Chargebacks are difficult to control because every trading partner has its own chargeback schedule. Suppliers usually get chargebacks because they have issues keeping up with changes from the retailers (vendor manuals and routing instructions are constantly changing).

Each trading partner has a different chargeback schedule, some retailers charge as much as $50-$100 per EDI mistake or error. Some trading partner’s chargeback schedules contain hundreds of unclear reasons for chargebacks. You should hire an EDI provider that knows every trading partner’s chargeback schedule and EDI requirements. Roundhouse is the #1 EDI provider for eliminating EDI chargebacks. We know the ins and outs of why chargebacks occur and most importantly how to stop and prevent them.

How Roundhouse can help

Because we work with hundreds of retailers’ EDI departments, we are informed about changes before they happen. In fact, in many instances, the biggest retailers consult with us before making any changes to their systems. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in chargebacks throughout the years. We have mastered each trading partner’s EDI requirements, and our systems have sophisticated alarm systems to help us reduce the possibility of any errors whatsoever.

Call us to find out how we can help eliminate your chargebacks.

What is EDI


Suppliers who maintain EDI compliance are awarded higher scores by their trading partners, leading to more orders.

Roundhouse’s POs come in the easiest-to-read format, which help us avoid common mistakes like shipping to the wrong location, or shipping wrong products or quantities. We no longer lose 10% of our revenues to these types of chargebacks thanks to Roundhouse.

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