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EDI Services

Roundhouse’s EDI services can save you time and money and eliminate your headaches. Hire our team to process your EDI orders for you. We can send and receive your purchase orders, ASNs and invoices, and create your GS1 labels, making sure you are 100% compliant with your trading partners’ requirements. Whether you need EDI for 1 trading partners 100’s of trading partners, Roundhouse is the one-stop shop for your EDI needs.

We have a team of EDI experts who are world-renowned, such as Tony Lu, who is considered the world’s foremost expert on EDI. Our team can become your EDI department, handling every aspect of your EDI processes.

A one-stop-shop for all your EDI needs

With over 20 years of experience in electronic data interchange, our team can handle any and every aspect of your EDI. We can send and receive your EDI documents, such as your purchase orders, advanced shipping notices and invoices. We can also create your labels

Getting GS1 labels quickly

Our team can create your GS1 labels and mail them to you, or you can print them yourself. In the latter case, we can create your labels and send them to you in a PDF file which you can print. All we need is the model number of your laser printer. We can send you blank labels for future use. This is perfect for companies who make changes at the last minute. We will make sure the relational data between your advanced shipping notice (ASN) and labels match.

EDI services for small businesses

Small businesses can benefit from Roundhouse’s EDI services. When you outsource your EDI to Roundhouse, we become your EDI department. This means there’s no software for you to buy or learn how to use. We will use our EDI software to process each order for you. We will receive your purchase order into our mailbox (also known as a VAN, short for Value Added Network). EDI files are unreadable, made up of numbers, letters and symbols. We will translate the 850 purchase order document into a simple readable format (with rows and columns that specify what is being ordered, the quantity, price, color, sizes, etc). Based on your shipping information we will send out your ASNs and invoices in EDI formats to your trading partner.

EDI services for large enterprises

Roundhouse offers solutions for large enterprises. You can outsource your entire EDI to Roundhouse, in which case we will become your EDI department, handling the day-to-day operations of your EDI. This is perfect for companies that want to cut costs and want the leading experts of EDI to do all the work. By outsourcing your EDI you can cut labor costs, software maintenance costs, and monthly VAN charges. Moreover, you can greatly reduce your EDI chargebacks.
For large enterprises who want to maintain an inhouse EDI department, we can offer you our EDI gateway service, which is the most robust EDI service available anywhere in the world. Inhouse departments have software and pay monthly VAN charges. When a trading partner changes its software, you must upgrade your systems so they remain compatible. With Roundhouse, you will never have to worry about these upgrades again. Our system will maintain the mappings for you, and as your files flow in and out of our gateway, it will automatically translate/convert your EDI files into your system. Our EDI gateway service includes an EDI VAN, so we can greatly reduce your costs. We provide EDI integration for any EDI software or ERP.
If your employees are out sick or you have an emergency we can easily and seamlessly take over the processing of all your EDI documents.

Benefits of Roundhouse’s EDI services

  • Free no-obligation consultation
  • No fixed monthly fees
  • You pay only for the work we do
  • We have both inhouse and outsourced solutions
  • Our experts have over 50 years of combined EDI experience
We know the EDI configuration requirements for every known and emerging trading partner. Whether you have a simple question or a complex question, our EDI services can help you. Our team is available right now to help. Call to speak to one of our EDI managers.

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For more information, including pricing, please contact our sales department: (646) 415-9212. We look forward to helping you!



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