Imagine a service that provides everything you need to streamline your in-house EDI processing: VAN Mailbox, mappings, and upgrades. That’s Roundhouse EDI Gateway. EDI made simple.

We'll provide you with space in our mailbox and automatically send/receive 997 functional acknowledgements.
EDI Software Integration
We can integrate with any system. We'll handle all the EDI mapping updates.
Error Free Validation
We can help you avoid chargebacks by checking your EDI files for errors before they reach your trading partner.
Save money on your VAN

Your VAN service (value-added-network) can cost about $1000-$5000 per month if you are processing your EDI orders inhouse. Roundhouse can set you up on our mailbox for about 30% less than what you pay now.

No more costly and time-consuming Mapping upgrades

Each trading partner requires a unique mapping, so if you have 40 trading partners, then you would have to purchase and integrate 40 unique mappings, which can be time consuming and costly. We'll keep your mappings up-to-date for you.

Roundhouse has your back

If you have an emergency, or your EDI staff goes on vacation, our experts can seamlessly process your EDI orders for you while they are gone. There would be no additional setup fees. Just pay as you go.