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EDI for Fashion and Apparel

EDI for Fashion and Apparel

EDI for fashion and apparel

Roundhouse is the best choice for apparel brand suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and third party logistic providers requiring electronic data interchange (EDI) compliance. Your trading partners’ requirements and specifications are constantly changing -as fast as fashion itself- requiring you to stay vigilant of any changes that can occur. When you outsource your EDI to Roundhouse you eliminate these headaches.

Why do apparel businesses need EDI?

Most businesses in the fashion and apparel industry rely on sophisticated supply chain software to send, receive and record transactional information, such as purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, and invoices. In order to connect to the systems of your trading partners you must adhere to their system requirements – which means investing in expensive software, and then purchasing modules to make your software compatible with each trading partner. Plus you’ll have to continue paying thousands every time you want to upgrade your software. That’s the old way. Roudhouse is the new way.

Purchase Order (850) Translation

We will receive your purchase orders as EDI files and translate them into easy to read formats. We will then email you the purchase order in a PDF file. It’s that simple.

GS1 128 Label Creation

We will send you a very simple form to tell us how you will pack your goods: by color, by size, how many pieces per carton, or pallet, etc. We will then create your GS1 128 labels. We can print them for you at our New York location, or we can email you the labels in a PDF file so you can print them yourself.

Advanced Shipping Notice (856) Translation
Generally about one day before you ship your goods to your trading partner, you will send us your packing slip. We will then create your ASN and send it to your trading partner as an EDI file. We will take care of all your data entry.
Invoices (810) Translation
Once you ship your goods, we will create a copy of your invoice and send it to you in a PDF file for approval. Once you approve the figures, we will create an EDI file of your invoice and send it to your trading partner so they can pay you.
Other EDI Documents

Every time we send an EDI document to your trading partner, we require a 997 functional acknowledgement. This time-stamped document provides proof of when each document was received. When a trading partner wants to make a change to its purchase order, we will receive an 860 PO Change document. We will then send you a comprehensive report detailing the changes. There are 100s of other EDI documents, we are experts at all of them, including the 753/754 routing instructions, which we are the foremost experts in. It’s simple: we make EDI easy.

7 reasons to outsource your EDI for fashion and apparel to Roundhouse
  1. Easier to read orders
  2. Faster turn around time
  3. We do all the data entry work
  4. We create your GS1 128 labels
  5. Lower transaction costs
  6. Lower overhead costs
  7. Improved relationship with retailers
General EDI requirements for the fashion and apparel industry
001UCC 128 (GS1-128) BARCODE LABEL

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