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Roundhouse is located in the heart of NYC’s garment center. Being located in the world’s largest fashion hub puts us within arms’ reach of many of our clients. So call, email, or pay us a visit. We invite you to see for yourself why Roundhouse has become the industry leader in EDI services.

To set up a new account or talk with our sales department, call 646-415-9212

T: 212-244-8081 F: 212-897-6730
Roundhouse, Inc.
315 w 39TH STREET, #1308
New York, NY 10018

Tony Lu, President
T: 212-244-8081 x3902
Stuart Fishman, Sales Manager
T: 212-244-8081 x3911
Andrew Wong, System & Networking Operations
T: 212-244-8081 x3909
Lisa Yang, Customer Service
T: 212-244-8081 x 3914